Accurate and reliable measurement on rough surfaces and in soft condition.

Adhesives are becoming increasingly important in industrial production. For example, motor vehicles contain over 100 rubber-metal compounds that are bonded together by vulcanizing a bonding agent.

When applying adhesion promoters to the base material, precise layer thickness specifications must be observed in order to ensure adhesion on the one hand and to avoid increased drying times due to excessive layer thicknesses on the other hand. Conventional coating thickness gauges do not meet their task due to insufficient repeatability.

coatmaster is the only approved measuring instrument for testing adhesion promoters in functionally critical parts and enables a complete logging of production.


«At AAM Lyon we use coatmaster to ensure the traceability of our products. Inline coating thickness measurement of the adhesion promoter layers is integrated in a closed control loop, which corrects process deviations immediately. This is part of the continuous development to adapt our production to industry standards 4.0.» Jean-Philippe Caillot, Industrialization Manager, AAM.