Your benefits

increase the quality

With coatmaster, precision coatings can be produced with sub-um accuracy. And at a speed you've never thought possible before. In this way you set new quality standards for yourself and your products.

produce in a controlled way

Due to the early and fast measurement of coatmaster, deviations can now be detected and corrected in the early phase of processes. This reduces running-in times, avoids scrap and improves the capacity utilization of your personnel.

ensure quality

The coatmaster allows the complete documentation of all coating processes. This means that you and your customers are always on the safe side when it comes to product documentation and quality assurance.

save material

Save up to 30% of your material costs with the coatmaster due to a significantly lower material consumption. This not only saves you money, but also valuable resources and the environment.

check complex shaped parts

The coatmaster also measures curved surfaces reliably, inside and even on corners and edges. What used to take a lot of time and effort can now be done quickly and with extreme precision.

measure coating thickness on rough surfaces

Up to now, an exact measurement on rough surfaces was hardly possible. Due to the non-contact layer thickness measurement, the coatmaster does not need to procure the surface, since applications can be transferred directly to a rough surface. Without sacrificing repeatability in the sub-µm range.

check a wide variety of materials

The coatmaster is not limited to certain materials and surfaces. Thus, the coating thickness on metals, plastics, wood, CFRP, ceramics and much more can be precisely measured.

in-line in real time

The real-time measurement even on moving parts in the coating line guarantees a fluid production without process interruption.