Lubricant coatings

Sliding coatings can be realized within a narrow tolerance range.

Sliding coatings are used in modern combustion engines to reduce friction and thus fuel consumption. The growing use of automatic start/stop systems generates a large number of dry runs, which are intercepted by sliding coatings. Likewise, bonded coatings on rubber parts also reduce noise emissions. The service life is also extended.

The function of the sliding coating can only be guaranteed if the layer thickness is within a narrow tolerance window. In order to monitor the coating process, a measuring system is required whose standard error is typically 30 to 40 times smaller than the tolerance range. In addition, a large number of measurements have to be carried out very quickly for continuous process control. Only coatmaster meets these requirements.


« The partnership with Winterthur is a win in many ways: Today, our customers can easily meet their customers' requirements. We are very pleased that our customers can optimally apply and measure our product thanks to the coatmaster. » Guillaume Carré, Manager of Application Engineering at Lord.

«Whether it is a clogged nozzle when applying the adhesive or a change in the viscosity of the material: As soon as the coating thickness deviates from the target, the coating process can be readjusted. Thereby the manufacturer virtually eliminates rejects today. » adds Andor Bariska, Member of the Directorate of Winterthur Instruments.