powder coatings

Thanks to precise control, up to 30% less material can be used.

The coating thickness of powder coatings can only be determined with conventional test equipment hours after coating. For this reason, considerable safety mark-ups are sometimes used. Non-contact test equipment (e. g. ultrasonic or laser measuring instruments) could not be accepted due to faulty handling and measuring accuracy.

coatmaster measures coating thicknesses of powder-coated parts before baking with high precision. In this way, quality and production problems are solved early in the process - and expensive and complicated rework is avoided. This saves material costs and minimizes the number of faulty coated parts. This makes the coatmaster powder coating with micron accuracy a new quality standard in the industry.


«The coatmaster provides us with quantitative and immediate feedback on investment decisions. In this way, we can selectively and safely reduce layer thicknesses to the lower tolerance threshold. Last year, thanks to the coatmaster, we reduced our powder consumption by a total of 28%, clearly exceeding our expectations.» Kai Altenburg, Head of Surface Technology, Ernst Schweizer Metallbau.

«Miralu produces pre-coated aluminium for trade and industry. Our customers are highly demanding, as our products have high visibility and in some cases are subjected to severe deformation. Inline coating thickness measurement with coatmaster enables us to deliver the highest quality. Thanks to layer thickness measurement, we can meet coating specifications from the very first meters.» Mathias Stouff, Head of Industrialization, Miralu.