thermally sprayed coatings

Measure quickly and accurately, whether sprayed or machined.

Insufficient coating thickness when applying thermally sprayed coatings leads to rejects and customer complaints. This can be the case, for example, with iron coatings in crankcases. Until now, however, it has not been possible to check the coating thickness directly after application. Several days pass between the application of the coating and the determination of the coating thickness with a microscope. With conventional methods, it was previously impossible to control the layer thickness during the process.

With the coatmaster from Winterthur, the coating thickness can be determined immediately after application.


«With coatmaster, it is possible to carry out an exact and fast layer thickness measurement of the thermally sprayed coating directly in the process without destruction. Process deviations affecting the thickness of the coating can be quickly detected and corrected.» Dr. Peter Ernst, Head of SUMEBore, Oerlikon Metco.